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Welcome to the medical care you've been searching for... medical care where the focus is on you!

Focus Direct Family Medicine is Andover, Kansas' first and longest-standing Direct Primary Care medical office. This trail-blazing model of care delivers focused, personalized attention, cost savings, and increased availability of appointments.

The "Direct Care" or "Direct Primary Care/ DPC" model of medicine gets rid of the nasty insurance business middle-men and gets medicine back to the way it is supposed to be-- based on the relationship between your doctor and you. This model of care is gaining momentum across the country as patients and physicians alike are fed up with the current flawed and expensive system of healthcare that is failing them at every turn.

In short, getting out from under the thumb of insurance company restrictions and regulations (which have nothing to do with medicine) enables your doctor to practice the best quality of care possible. No billing of insurance = happy doctors and happy patients.

Dr. Christiane Smith is looking forward to focusing on your medical care needs today!

How does it work?

In a "traditional practice," your doctor only gets paid through low insurance reimbursements. That's why most "typical" doctors have to see around 3,000 patients per year-- just to make ends meet. Yikes! Talk about over-scheduled! Now you see why the wait to get an appointment and the wait to see your doctor once you are there is so horrible!

In the Direct Care model, we get rid of those insurance bad guys and let you pay your doctor directly instead-- the low monthly membership fee. So now your doctor only needs to see 400-500 patients to make ends meet... and so now there is lots of time, FOR YOU. Phew!

At Focus Direct Family Medicine, simply call to make an appointment. I'm usually able to see you same day- or next. Just remember to call ahead, as I might not physically be in the office, but instead out being a doctor at a house call or hosting an instructional event.

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How much is the membership?

Membership fees

are based on age


10-18 years old = $40/month


19-29 years old = $59/month


30- 59 years old = $79/month


60+ years old = $89/month


Customizable pricing available for house call service or visits to extended-living facilities.

House calls may also be added to any plan, at $100/per house call


Family Plan with one adult enrolled-  First child full price, each additional child half-price.   

Corporate/ Employer: $50/month regardless of age.  No enrollment fee applies.  Call for further details or questions.



There is a one-time enrollment fee of $75 to join.  


What is included in my membership?

Your monthly fee provides you the following values:


> Unlimited office visits & no copays!

> Same day or next day appointments

> Appointments always 30-60 minutes

> 24/7 access to your doctor

> Emails, calls, and texts directly with your doctor

> Housecalls if needed

>Precription and over-the-counter medications at a huge savings, dispensed right then and there from your doctors office.

> Lab tests and radiology imaging at great savings

> Annual physicals

> Sports physicals

> Stitches, skin tag removal, EKGs, strep tests, urine dips, basic wound care, skin/ mole biopsies, wart freezing, shoulder and trigger point injections... no extra fees!

>Botox at reduced pricing

>Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy (PRP injections)

>Access to state of the art mole/skin cancer screening for annual skin exam using AI:

What we don't do

Chronic pain management
Dispense controlled substances
Disability evaluations/paperwork
DOT physicals/paperwork

Book An Appointment
Book An Appointment

Common Questions

So you don't take insurance? Why do I need insurance, then?

Correct. I do not ever bill insurance, do any insurance paperwork, and you don't need insurance to be my patient-- but the government still has it's requirements. In order to "meet criteria," I do suggest you secure a "catastrophic coverage" insurance plan. For things like surgeries, accidents, hospitalizations. Again, it's not that I will be billing through insurance for the care I administer, but it's for your own protection in the future in case you were to need surgery, hospitalization, chemotherapy, etc. Getting the highest deductible plan will ensure you have the lowest monthly out of pocket cost, and coming to me for your needs will ensure that your dollars spent stretch as far as possible. (Statistics say about 90% of patients never meet their ever-increasing deductibles anyway... so might as well make those dollars count.) And as always, my goal is to stay on top of your health, to prevent as many of those health catastrophes that we can. I'll see you when you need it, in time-- no waiting it out and then winding up in the emergency room for something that we could have addressed and corrected.

How many patients do you serve at Focus Direct Family Medicine?

In order to provide the best service to my patients, I am going to cap my enrollment around 400- 500 patients. This will ensure that there is always an appointment time open for you! Call today to claim your spot. I will form a waiting list if necessary.

I actually already have a great plan. Why should I sign up with Focus Direct Family Medicine?

Many people sign up for Direct Care because of the premium high quality service it provides. Even patients lucky enough to have "great" insurance decide that the low monthly membership fee is worth it to them, for the discounted medications, lab tests, scheduling convenience, longer appointment times, and most importantly, the non-rushed, quality focused care. They want to feel like a person again, not another number in an unending patient- mill.

How will I know what it's like?

I would love to provide you with a free consultation to see if you would be a good fit for this model of care. We can talk over the phone, or in person in the office.

Other cool stuff:

In this ideal medical care setting, Dr. Smith- and you-- can think outside the box! What inspires you on your journey to wellness?

Pharmacists' hands

Meds from Focus vs. "the other guys"


At Focus Direct Family Medicine, I purchase wholesale pharmaceuticals and dispense them to you myself, with only a minimal markup to cover the cost of bottles and labels.

Stay tuned for a price-comparison chart. Or simply call and I can give you an estimate on how much money you can save through me as a member of Foucs Direct Family Medicine.


SkinIO Skin Cancer AI

State of the Art technology

Dr. Smith is excited to now be offering the use of the latest Artificial Intelligence computer skin-mapping program to screen for the earliest detection of skin cancers as possible!

Super Health Food
Group Meeting


Is Dr. Smith going to make me eat vegetables?


Dr. Smith is going host classes?!

Patient classes and educational "events"

I have a passion for helping my patients along in their wellness journeys. I am looking forward to offering special fun and instructional events for my patients! Diabetes education, Nutrition coaching, Healthy cooking/meal prep demonstrations, Relaxation sessions through guided meditation, quick exercise how-to's and more!

PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Regenerative Medicine

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy works by delivering to the area of damage the body's own natural healing cells- platelets.  Simply put, platelets produce chemicals that tell the body to heal tissue damage and inflammation in several ways.  

PRP is prepared using special technology and the

patient's own blood from a simple blood draw.  There are no medications added, making it a natural and safe remedy fit for all.  

PRP has been shown to be beneficial for the treatement of osteoarthritis, tendon and ligament injury, balding, and aging skin. 

Scroll down for PRP Pricing

PRP Pricing

Member of Focus Direct  Pricing/ NON-Member Pricing

Up to 4 syringes for use on knees, shoulders, elbows, plantar fascia:  $350/$500

Up to 4 syringes for treatment of hair loss: 


4 syringes for Microneeding PRP facial: 



About Dr. Smith

I completed all of my medical training in Ohio- Kent State University for undergrad, and Northeast Ohio Medical University for medical school. After receiving my medical degree (MD), I completed Family Medicine residency in Columbus, Ohio. After Columbus, I spent a short amount of time in Honolulu, Hawaii and have now settled in the Wichita, Kansas area.

When not doctoring, I'm a mom to three great kiddos. I enjoy boxing, gardening, and hiking. I have a passion for improving my own health through healthy living and wellness, and I enjoy helping lead my patients down the same path of wellness. We are in this together!

FOCUS 231116 #14 (1).jpg

Contact Information

Please call to schedule an appointment. Don't be surprised when I answer the phone personally! If I can't take your call at the moment, please leave me a message with your number and I will call you back shortly. I look forward to talking with you!

Thanks for submitting!



742 N. Andover Rd, Suite 5

Andover, KS 67002



Office hours vary, call for appointment.


Located just north of Dollar General on Andover Road, in the same building as Salon Blu and Shelter Insurance






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